About Us

Dennis  - received his JD Degree from the University of South Carolina in 1974.

He joined Stafne and Lewis in 1974.  In 1983, Thomas Lewis retired from the practice of law.  In 1988, Al Stafne retired from the practice of law.  The law office was changed to Stafne, Lewis and Jasper.   Once they retired Dennis became a sole practitioner, but kept the name Stafne, Lewis and Jasper out of respect for Tom and Al.  Dennis continues to practice law and is a respected lawyer in the community. 

Lynne received her JD Degree from Thomas Cooley Law School in May of 2009.  She then joined the practice in 2009.

Dennis and Lynne are a Father/Daughter Duo that are a pair of the hardest working attorneys in the Quad Cities.  With Dennis' experience combined with Lynne's careful attention to detail, they make an amazing team. 

Jasper Law Firm also employs three incredible support staff Janet, Mary Lee and Crystal.